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How to trace a lost pension fund

There are several ways you can go about trying to trace a lost pension fund yourself, pension experts say.

"In the first instance, I'd use the Companies Registration Office website to try to establish the current name of your former employer," says Liam Ferguson of Ferguson and Associates.

"A google search on your former employer's name can often reveal details of what became of them.

"If the company was taken over or re-named, then a call to the HR department of the current incarnation should be able to unearth details of your pension fund.

"If that fails, the Pensions Board maintains a record of all occupational pension schemes, so they should be able to help track down your old pension scheme."

But if you need assistance, Dublin firm Clear Financial is launching a pension-tracing service free of charge via its website, where consumers can complete a form online and the company will start the search for them.

"As there's no centralised service, it's really a case of sourcing specialist help. Past pension savers could contact every insurance company, but this could prove a difficult and protracted exercise," says the firm's principal, Michael Bradley.

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