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Has newly acquired Whatsapp entered a 'complicated' relationship?


WhatsApp, the messaging app that Facebook snapped up for a cool $19bn (€13.8bn) this week, had to apologise to its 450 million monthly users after it went down for over two hours last night.

Users turned to Twitter to voice their frustrations, with first reports of service issues being posted at around 7pm this evening after opening the messaging service and seeing it fail to connect to servers.

On Thursday, the app available for Apple iPhones, Blackberrys and Android devices was purchased by Facebook and company co-founder Mark Zuckerberg hailed the acquisition at the time, saying the service was on track for one billion users worldwide.

However, this significant period of downtime left users joking that the relationship between the two platforms may be 'complicated'.

A number of memes started to circulate. "If you can't beat it, buy it and shut it down," read one, with the smiling face of Mark Zuckerburg in the background.

Taking to Twitter around  8.15pm this evening, WhatsApp confirmed that the service is experiencing problems and they are working to fix the issues.

"Sorry we currently experiencing server issues. we hope to be back up and recovered shortly," the WhatsApp Status account tweeted.

Olympic medal-winning diver Tom Daley asked his 2.62 million Twitter followers: “Anyone else's WhatsApp stopped working?

Competitor service Telegram Messenger has reaped the benefits from the outage with users signing up in their droves.

Ironically, so much so that their own connectivity suffered as a result.

"We're experiencing connection issues in Europe caused by the avalanche of new users. We're getting it fixed asap," @telegram tweeted yesterday evening.

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