Friday 13 December 2019

Fliers furious at early riser

THERE is a story, perhaps apocryphal, about a bus service in England that didn't stop to take on passengers along its route.

When customers complained, they were told the bus would be late if it stopped, so it didn't.

That tale came to mind when the Punt heard about the Ryanair plane that left 20 passengers behind last Wednesday when it took off half an hour early.

The flight from Warsaw's Chopin Airport was due to leave at 11.30am but left at 11am after some confusion about the timetable.

The flight normally goes at 11am from another airport in Warsaw but, due to maintenance work, it had switched to Chopin and a new time. The stranded passengers were put on later flights.

The embarrassing error adds to the list of notorious Ryanair stories, whether it's a plane landing at the wrong airport in Derry, or the idea that its destination in Beauvais – 85km north of the French capital – could somehow be described as 'Paris'.

Last week's incident, however, probably had one unintended benefit for the airline. With a half hour head start, the flight was almost certainly on time when it arrived at Manchester.

Whether the people lucky enough to be on board had to endure that horrific fanfare followed by the exclamation that the flight was "another on-time arrival from Ryanair" is unknown.

Irish Independent

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