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yellow fever as czech cultivators hit ireland

New to Ireland from the Czech Republic is the STROM range of agricultural equipment, which is now being imported by Andrew Wheelock, based just outside of Enniscorthy, Co Wexford.

The striking yellow range of STROM products includes a broad range of cultivators and subsoilers in different combinations and widths, plus trailed toppers, trailers, dung spreaders and slurry spreaders.

Particularly suitable for use in Ireland are the STROM Disc-land and Ecoland cultivators, which Andrew says offer an alternative to the established brands on the market here.

Available in either mounted or trailed configuration, the Ecoland is available in 3m and 3.5m-mounted or 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m in trailed. The Discland is available in 3m and 4m mounted or four up to 12m trailed.


Andrew himself uses a 4m trailed STROM Ecoland leg cultivator for min-till cultivation on the family farm.

"With vertical, spring-loaded legs this is a non-stop system," states Andrew. "This machine has four rows of cultivator legs. The norm is three, so it has an extra pair of legs compared to much of its competition. The extra legs are working closer together, which means the legs don't need wings and less power is required to pull it."

Construction appears robust as well, as Andrew points out: "A six-inch box is used throughout the Ecoland and there is a big, heavy chassis down the middle. All the welded joints are gusseted for extra strength as well."

There are a lot of build options, including long or short drawbar, front support wheels, 60 or 100mm leg tips and several packer roller options, so it can be pretty much custom built, as Andrew explains. He opted for the high-spec rubber packer roller on his machine.

"On these type of machines the packer roller and bearings are under enormous pressure when the legs are in the ground. The ribbed rubber packer roller helps absorb some of the shock loading, protecting the bearings while keeping stones down," he says.

"A lot of money goes into the packer roller and this is the most expensive version, but I think it is worth it."

Also on his 4m Ecoland cultivator is a pair of depth wheels at the front of the machine, which, with the floating drawbar, helps keep the working depth even.

The long drawbar suits tractors pulling the cultivator with dual wheels and making tight headland manoeuvres.

For transporting on the road the 4m Ecoland folds to 3m and his machine is also fitted with optional brakes on the transport wheels.

In terms of both pricing and design, Andrew says the STROM products are competitive with what's out there already and, with a number of options, can be built to suit the customer. Prices start at €16,400 plus VAT for the 3m mounted Ecoland leg cultivator and start at €33,300 plus VAT for the trailed 4m version.

The 3m mounted Discland disc cultivator starts at €12,000 plus VAT and starts at €30,000 plus VAT for the 4m trailed version.

For more information on machines or prices, contact Andrew Wheelock on 087 2864251 or email him at

The STROM website address is

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