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Monday 11 December 2017

Worry over fake chainsaws

Bruce Lett

LIFFEY Distributors are the importers and distributors for several brands of powered lawn and garden products, including chainsaws. The firm is concerned that there are many counterfeit products, in particular Husqvarna chainsaws, being sold throughout the country.

According to Liffey Distributors, the main concern is the lack of health and safety features on the counterfeit saws.

Marketing director Tony Brady said: "We do not sell product outside of authorised agents. A lot of the sales of counterfeit Husqvarna products are at car boot sales, markets and door to door sales without an appointment.

"The biggest problem is that there are no safety features included and so they are dangerous. Although they have a CE sticker, they have no such clearance and wouldn't pass EU tests."

Mr Brady insists that it is hard to distinguish between the counterfeit products and the real Husqvarna products.

However, buyers should be aware that Husqvarna authorised agents do not call into farmers' yards unless invited. Nor do they attend car boot sales and markets, unless it is organised by a locally appointed dealer, and that that dealer has a local shop with sales and service support and can offer an after-sales service.

All authorised agents will have a branded Husqvarna van, a business card, overalls and, most importantly, a local outlet where they stock Husqvarna products.

All authorised dealers are listed on and can be verified by calling 01 824 2600.

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