Wood chip plant is vast with the factory floor alone taking up 15 acres

Masonite commenced production at its Leitrim plant in July 1997 and has a site area of over 150 acres with a production facility that spans 15 acres under one roof.

The size of the facility near Drumsna is difficult to describe for it is simply vast.

I recall passing the factory during its construction in the 1990s and thinking that some large lorries looked like Dinky toys when parked alongside.

The primary product is door mouldings which are flat packed and exported to 24 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

One moulding is produced every seven seconds, day and night, throughout the year with the process almost entirely mechanised and computer controlled.

Wood chip is delivered in huge lorries which are gripped and hydraulically tipped sideways in to a receiving bay.

The raw chips are then refined into fibres which are mixed with resins, moulded and consolidated under high temperature.

This produces dense hardboard of consistent quality.

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The process was invented by William H Mason, who was a friend and protégé of that famous genius, Thomas Edison of light bulb fame.

Having commenced production in the US back in 1929, Masonite has been used for many applications including doors, roofing, walls, desktops and even canoes.

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