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Thursday 22 March 2018

Willie Nelson's life is a long story

Singer Willie Nelson
Singer Willie Nelson

The paperback edition of American country legend Willie Nelson's autobiography, 'My Life: It's A Long Story', has just been published. It's a very entertaining read with lots of laugh-out-loud moments.

Willie is one of life's great characters. The four-times married singer/songwriter says in the book: "I got along beautifully with the opposite sex my whole life - until I started marrying them." On drinking, Nelson quotes his song, 'I Gotta Get Drunk': "There's a lot of doctors tell me that I'd better start slowing it down. But there's more old drunks than there are old doctors. So I guess we better have another round." Cheers to Willie!

And on failed marriages, another US singer Rita Coolidge married Kris Kristofferson after they met on a plane in the early 1970s. "It was love at first flight," Coolidge said. Sadly, they split after seven years. She is in Dublin's National Concert Hall tomorrow and Cork's Opera House on Thursday.

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