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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Why the banks will always win

Robbers entered a bank in a small town in America. One of them shouted: "Don't move! The money belongs to the bank. Your lives belong to you." Immediately all the people in the bank lay on the floor quietly and without panic.

This is an example of how the correct wording of a sentence can make everyone change their view of the world.

While running from the bank the youngest robber, who had a college degree, said to the oldest robber, who had barely finished elementary school: "Hey, maybe we should count how much we stole? The older man replied: "Don't be stupid. It's a lot of money so let's wait for the news on TV to find out how much money was taken from the bank."

This is an example of how life experience is more important than a degree.

After the robbery, the bank manager said to his accountant: "Let's call the cops and tell them how much has been stolen".

"Wait, said the accountant, "before we do that, let's add the money we took for ourselves a few months ago."

This is an example of taking advantage of an opportunity.

The following day it was reported that the bank was robbed of $3 million. The robbers had only $1 million so they started to grumble.

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"We risked our lives for $1 million, and they robbed two million dollars without blinking? Maybe it's better to learn how to work the system, instead of being a simple robber."

This is an example of how knowledge can be more useful than power.

Moral: Give a person a gun, and he can rob a bank. Give a person a bank, and he can rob everyone.

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