Farm Ireland

Sunday 18 March 2018

Who is eligible?

Farmers who wish to apply for grant aid under the Dairy Equipment Scheme must meet a number of conditions, set down by the Department of Agriculture.

The farmer must own or have leasehold title to the site and have a minimum of five hectares declared under the Single Farm Payment Scheme/Area Aid/Integrated Administration and Control System in the current or preceding year.

The farmer must have a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 500 production units in total at the time of application.

For new entrants, the minimum production will be 40 units, following consultation with the farm organisations.

Approved Teagasc Milk Production Partnerships will have the upper ceiling increased on a pro rata basis.

The farmer must have a separate and independent herd number under which the dairy animals will be registered.

Department of Agriculture officials will check the reliability of each farmer in previous co-funded operations since 2000. The farmer will be required to provide relevant banking details in order for grant payment.

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