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Thursday 26 April 2018

Where in the world does your tractor come from?

Bruce Lett

Did you ever wonder where in the world all the bits come from to make your tractor? Just one country or maybe a few of them?

It is most likely that parts come from all over the world, despite the 'made in wherever' plate.

With access to the stores at CaseIH dealer Springmount Tractors Ltd, in Gorey, Co Wexford, I was curious as to the origin of some of the spare parts in stock.

All parts that come from the CNH warehouses, which distribute parts for the current CNH brands of New Holland, CaseIH and Steyr, have their country of manufacture indicated on the parts detail sticker.

As a quick 'where in the world' exercise, I picked the Steyr and Austrian-built CaseIH CS150 as an example and checked the origins of some of its in-stock parts.

The results were more global than I expected.

It has to be noted, though, that production of this series ceased in late 2003 and it is likely that the origins of many of the current replacement parts are very different now as the tractor ages to what they were when originally built.

Quick facts

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-Engine: Sisu, from Finland.

-Front axle: Carraro, from Italy.

-Transmission: ZF, from Austria/Germany).

Selection of parts and country of origin

-Outer air filter: Czech Republic.

-Inner air filter: Great Britain.

-Engine oil filter:


-Fuel filter: India.

-Water stop fuel filter: USA.

-Transmission filter: Germany.

-Hydraulic filters: Italy.

-Air-conditioning filter: Austria.

-Left-hand door (glass): Turkey.

-Rear window (glass): France.

-Rear lamp lens: Romania.

-Front hub seal: Taiwan.

-Receiver/drier (air conditioning): China.

-Indicator switch: Hungary.

-Dash instruments: Sweden.

Bruce Lett

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