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What you need to get ahead

When considering agriculture as a career path, the first step to career progression lies with the person as only the elite will seek and avail of opportunities to progress beyond paid employment. Key qualities that will aid in your career progression are:

Ambition to focus on the required steps to achieve the end goal.

•Financial acumen to be able to save, learn to budget and borrow and understand investment returns.

•Resistance to marketers so that you buy only what you need rather than all that you want.

•Selecting the right people in terms of bosses, mentors and especially your life partner who will need to have similar goals and ambitions.

•Realise what appreciates (land and stock appreciate) and what rusts (machinery depreciates).

•Continuous education to invest in your knowledge and skills.

•Understand the win/win principle that allows opportunities to prevail where both parties succeed.

•Honesty and integrity.

•Moving to where opportunities are present since they won't simply fall into your lap.

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