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Saturday 24 March 2018

What if my septic tank fails the inspection?

If your septic tank system fails the inspection process, you can apply for a grant of up to €4,000 from the Department of the Environment.

The grant is only available to householders whose septic tanks have failed the EPA inspection and who have received an advisory notice from the EPA.

The grant is available to carry out work to repair or upgrade domestic waste water treatment systems (septic tanks). However, it will not be available to householders who did not register their tank before the February 2013 deadline.

Table 1 shows the level of grants available to householders, depending on their annual income.

Households with an income of up to €50,000 per year will be eligible to apply for a grant of 80pc of approved costs, up to a maximum of €4,000.

Households with incomes between €50,001 and €75,000 per year will be eligible for a grant of 50pc of approved costs, up to a maximum of €2,500.

Your household income is calculated as the property owner's gross taxable income in the previous tax year, together with that of his or her spouse or partner.

For self-employed farmers, a notice of income assessment will be needed with the application, while PAYE employees will need a PAYE balancing statement.

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The grant is aimed at covering only capital or once-off costs in upgrading the septic tank and will not cover the costs of maintaining, servicing or de-sludging a tank.

This is because the Department of the Environment has said that these are costs owners should be covering as a matter of course to keep their septic tanks functioning properly.

Application forms for the grant are available from the Department of the Environment website,

The application must include all supporting documentation, including evidence of household income, itemised receipts for the work carried out, and a copy of the contractor's tax clearance certificate.

Like previous farm building schemes, your application for grant aid must be accompanied by a receipt from each contractor you employ to upgrade your septic tank.

The receipts must include details of the works carried out and the associated costs.

You must also submit a copy of a current tax clearance certificate for every contractor employed for the job.

Grant applications should be submitted to the local authority covering the area where your septic tank is located and if you need help with completing the form, contact the local authority.

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