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Thursday 23 November 2017

Wet weather slows down fertiliser sales

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

Fertiliser sales slowed significantly in the past week as the heavy rain held much of the country in a watery embrace.

Farmers have reported that quotes for CAN are generally in the €320-330/t price range, with the lowest prices reported being €310/t for big volume orders, according to the latest IFA price survey.

Urea quotes ranged from €428/t to €435/t in the past week, while other compounds such as CAN 26pc N + 4pc S were available at €315-320/t and Sulpha CAN at €305-315/t.

Granular urea prices have ranged from €428/t to €450/t for bagged and delivered fertiliser. Merchants are offering credit terms ranging from cash on delivery to up to two months' credit. Again, farmers or groups buying large volumes can get discounts of €4-5/t.

The lowest quotes for CAN are available in north Leinster, where prices of €310-345/t are being quoted, closely followed by south Leinster, where €312-340/t is quoted.

In Munster, farmers are being quoted €315-340/t, while buyers in the west of Ireland and Ulster have to pay at least €5/t more, at quotes of €315-340/t and €320-350/t respectively. All of these quotes refer to big bags of CAN delivered on farm.

Big bags of granular urea delivered on farm are also cheapest in north Leinster, where farmers have been quoted €428-435/t. South Leinster quotes are not far behind, with €428/t available at the lower end but an extra €5/t is being quoted at the top end (€440/t).

Farmers in the north of the country have been offered urea at €430-440/t, while those in Munster have been quoted €430-450/t.

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Once again, farmers in the west can expect to pay more for urea, with a massive €22/t gap between the best quotes in Connacht and the best quotes in Leinster. West of Ireland farmers have been quoted €450-460/t for granular urea.

IFA inputs chairman Chris Hayes said merchants were keen to secure good customers and volume orders, and many were offering extended credit terms in an effort to secure deals.

Among the offers available in the past week was CAN at €315/t bagged and delivered, with payment in May. Another merchant offered CAN at €320/t, with payment in June or July. Full loads are also being discounted by €2-5/t.

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