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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Well-fleshed lambs do well with trade steady


Darragh McCullough

Darragh McCullough

Trade was pretty steady in the marts around the country over the past week. Well-fleshed factory and butcher lambs generally sold for €45-60 over the weight and stores made €35-55 over. Heavy cull ewes hit a top price of €145. Feeders sold from €40 up. The going rate for nice quality ewe hoggets remains in the €170-200 bracket, while older breeding ewes are at €130-170 each. Ewe lambs made €50-90 over, with the tops hitting prices of up to €140.

Factory and butcher lambs made €50-62 over the weight at Athenry and Fermoy yesterday. Stores sold for €40-50 over.

Kilkenny reported a big sale, with prices across the board back by €2-3/hd -- €50-57 over being the range for the well-fleshed lambs. Stores held pretty well despite evidence of fewer buyers.

There were 3,700 sheep on offer at Dowra last Saturday and trade remained strong for all classes on the day. The tops of the ewe lambs for breeding made €100-135 each, while the forward store lambs made €80-95 with the best of the mountain stores selling from €70-85 each.

Mountbellew Mart had a very large sale of sheep with a lot of quality hoggets. Cull ewes and ewe lambs met with a strong demand. Store lambs were also a good trade, with factory lambs slightly easier.

Ewe lambs sold up to €139/hd. Butcher and factory lambs made €45-54 over the weight while prices for stores ranged from €80-98. Trade in the breeding section was improved.

Tullow Mart had a big sale of 3,470 sheep. Trade was easier all round by €1-2/hd. Well-fleshed lambs made €48-60 over the weight. Stores sold for €39-52 over with the better prices paid for clean wether lambs. Ewe lambs ranged from €62-84 with the €/kg.

At Maam Cross, the mountain wether lambs made €35-64/hd and the ewe lambs moved at €68-91 each. The cross-bred lamb sold for €2-2.35/kg in a price range of €62-107.

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A big entry of 3,800 sheep was on offer at Carnew Mart. Trade for butcher and factory lambs was similar to the previous week with an improved trade for ewe and store lambs. The heavier types made €50-58 over the €/kg, securing €95-111/hd. Stores sold in a range of €75-95 (€47-54 over).

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