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Monday 19 February 2018

Welger displays its Irish strength

RP220 baler put in the spotlight

Bruce Lett

With lots of silage on the ground, many farmers favour baling and wrapping as their method of producing and storing winter feed.

This has become more accessible as traditional contractor machines, such as the Class 250 and 255, the Welger 220 and 235, the McHale F550 and others, enter the market second-hand. In particular, there has been a steady influx of quality second-hand chopper balers from the UK, where conditions and operators are not quite as demanding.

As affordable, and hopefully reliable options for farmers, these units often prove particularly attractive.

So here we take a look at one of the longest-serving machines to enter the Irish market, the Welger RP220 -- and its newer sibling, the RP235.

These produce the popular 4x4ft-sized bale from an all-roller chamber baler, chopping with either 22 or 13 knives.

Early on, there were three specifications of the RP220 chopper baler available on the Irish market, the Farmer, Master and Profi. Eventually this was thinned out to just the Farmer and Profi versions, targeting, as their names suggest, farmers and contractors.

Early models were distinguished by their one-piece hood assembly, which cloaked the front part of the baler. When opened, the hood was supported by two large gas struts, but was unwielding and cumbersome. It wasn't long before the covering panels were redesigned and the RP220s appeared, with a neater, three-piece ensemble, two side panels and a smaller hood.

Based largely on the RP220, the RP235 appeared with top-hinging access panels on each side allowing more room at the baler's workings.

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