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Sunday 19 November 2017

Weighing system adds JUMBO clout to Pottinger's top wagons

Bruce Lett

Austrian firm Pottinger now offers an optional weighing system on its JUMBO silage wagons. These are the biggest wagons the firm manufactures, with five models from 60m3 capacity up to 100m3 capacity, from the JUMBO 6010 to the JUMBO 10010. The three smaller models in the JUMBO series also have the option of an additional discharge rotor at the rear to help the unloading process.

All models in the series feature a 45-knife chopper, which, the firm says, gives a chop length of 34mm. The largest models in the range, the JUMBO 10010, is equipped with three axles on 710/45R22.5 Cargo Xbib tyres. The smaller models are all carried on tandem axles fitted with 600/50R22.5 Country King tyres.

Developed for the firm's JUMBO series is the new electronic weighing system and management software.

Pottinger says that to weigh a load, the tractor and wagon have to be on a level surface and with their brakes off. When ready to weigh, the hinged drawbar moves automatically into the weighing position and the weight of the load is recorded. Pottinger claims the weighing process is accurate to +/- 2.5pc of the total weight.

The load information is displayed and stored on the firm's ISOBUS terminal or on the tractor's own compatible ISOBUS terminal. Up to seven jobs or customers can be stored at one time, recording the total weight of grass for each job, the number of hours worked and number of loads delivered. In addition to this data, the loading time, road transport time, waiting time and unloading time is also recorded.

Using software Pottinger developed for the weighing system, customer jobs saved at the terminal can be transferred to a USB stick and processed on the office computer, where the data can then be evaluated using the company's new management software.

There, parameters can be applied to job-specific hourly rates to produce an overall invoice for each customer. For example, Pottinger says you can apply different rates to road transport times as those for loading times. This, the company says, allows you to optimise customer jobs regarding costs, efficiency and productivity.

Ultimately, the weight logging system and software for the JUMBO silage wagons allows a contractor to give a customer a breakdown of costs for each job and a precise invoice.

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The system fitted on a new Pottinger JUMBO silage wagon costs €3,250 + VAT.

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