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Tuesday 20 March 2018

Weather set to boost numbers at ringside

There was mixed opinion among mart personnel on whether or not there was increased farmer activity around the ringsides -- but they were all confident that the good weather will bring them out.

The pedigree Charollais sale in Athenry on Saturday had an 85pc clearance, with an average price for the bulls of €2,585. The top price of €4,400 was paid for the champion.

In Ennis there was great competition between a few factory men for the finished cull cows as prices reached €1,500. Bullocks were up €10-15/hd and sold for €200-450 over.

Better heifers made €300-490 over, while the plainer stock sold for €200-300 over.

There was a strong trade for store bullocks and heifers and good quality weanlings at Dowra Mart. A top price of €750 was paid but the general range for stores was €250-500 over.

Similar type heifers were €50 behind the bulls, while the plainer lots of both sexes made €100-200 over.

Carnew Mart had 1,150 cattle on offer and a good trade was felt for stock suitable for export. Beef and forward store bullocks made from €250-500 over while heifers reached €225-460 over. The general run for the lighter store type was €185-450 with the weight. Cull cows made €130-330 with the weight.

Kilkenny Mart had a big offering of stock where the plainer stock proved difficult to sell. Friesian bullocks over 600kg made up to €200 over (€1.30-1.37/kg). The lighter types achieved €100-150 over (€1.20-1.30/kg). Heavy continentals sold for up to €465, which reflected a price of €1.50-1.80/kg. Lighter continental types under 500kg made €1.40-2.12/kg depending on quality. Beef and butcher heifers sold for €200-425 along with the weight (€1.65-1.90/kg), while continental store heifers made €1.70-1.92/kg and Herefords or slightly plainer types sold for €200 over (€1.25-1.40/kg). Friesian cull cows sold from €150 under up to €100 over.

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