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Weanlings take 10c/kg hit, ­but cull cows 'highest in years' at Kilkenny

Ringside shows weanlings taking a hit this week, with an average drop of around 10c/kg.

If we look at the good news first, which is that good forward store bullocks were 6c/kg up to an average of €2.65/kg. Heavier steers were making from €2.15-2.50/kg, while lighter lots ranged from €2.20-3.00/kg. Lesser types sold for €1.80-1.90/kg.

A range from €2.30-2.55/kg took care of most of the heavy heifers. The 400-600kg lots moved at €2.35-2.70/kg, while lighter lots made from €2.40-2.90/kg. Plainer heifers were selling for €2.05-2.20/kg. The light bulls were making from €2.50-3.15/kg.

Bulls over 300kg made from €2.25-2.85/kg. The O grade types varied from €1.80-1.90/kg. The majority of the weanling heifers moved at €2.65-3.10/kg, with some quality lighter lots making up to €3.30/kg.

Cattle were a very strong trade at Dowra mart last Saturday, with weanling heifers under 300kg making from €2.10-3.40/kg. Lots between 300-400kg made from €2.30-3.30/kg. Heifers from 400-550kg sold for €2.00-2.85/kg, while those over 550kg made from €2.10-2.60/kg. The bulls under 300kg made from €2.00-3.50/kg. The 300-400kg lots were making from €1.80-3.30/kg. Heavy bulls over 450kg ranged from €2.10-2.70/kg. Store bullocks under 550kg made from €2.00-2.80/kg. The best of the cull cows were selling for €1.90-2.35/kg. Feeding cows were making from €1.30-2.00/kg. Good young suckler cows with a calf at foot moved at €1,600-2,000/unit. Older cows with a calf at foot made from €1,200-1,600 each.

Balla reported that year on year, prices were up an average €125/hd on the corresponding sale this time last year. Store bullocks were making from €600-800 with the weight, or from €1.53-3.51/kg. Heavy bullocks made from €1.51-2.87/kg.

Light heifers under 400kg were selling for €2.18-3.39/kg. Heavier lots sold for €1.79-3.02/kg. Despite the weanling numbers tightening there was still good quality on offer with prices ranging from €2.36-2.58 for the heavier lots and from €2.00-3.00/kg for the lighter bulls. There was serious demand for weanling heifers suitable for breeding drove prices up to €4/kg. Lighter types moved at €2.55-3.33/kg.

Carnew had 500 cattle and 50 calves offered for sale. Very strong demand for quality weanlings led to prices of up to €3.55/kg being paid in a range from €450-1,200 with the €/kg. Beef and forward store bullocks sold for €750-1,100 over their weight. Lighter stores made from €550-980 over. Friesian steers were selling for €300-750 with the weight. Beef heifers moved at €600-1,100 with the €/kg. Stores made from €450-850 over. Suckler cows with a calf at foot varied from €1,300-1,850/unit.

In the suck calf ring, the Friesian bulls were making from €60-210, the coloured bulls from €250-440 and heifers from €150-400. The Hereford and Angus bull calves were selling for €220-415 and the heifers from €160-435.

Top class bulls over 600kg were making from €760-1,305 over the weight up in Raphoe. Store bullocks ranged from €555-930 over. Beef heifers moved at €630-745 with the €/kg, stores at €400-780 with their weight. Cull cow prices ran from €700-1,910 each.

Numbers and trade are holding steady in Ennis. There were some very good quality stores presented. Bullocks under 500kg made from €2.20-3.18/kg, while the over 500kg lots made from €2.10-2.68/kg. Heifers under 500kg sold for €2.10-3.08/kg; those over 500kg made €2.10-2.62/kg. Store cows made from €1.10-2.46/kg. Finished cows ranged from €1.70-2.54/kg.

Weanling numbers were smaller in all categories, but trade was strong with 70pc of the weanlings currently on offer being autumn-born stock. Weanling bulls up to 400kg made from €2.10-3.49/kg, while the over 400kg ones sold for €2.20-3.18/kg. Heifers up to 400kg were selling for €2.10-3.34/kg and over 400kg for €2.40-2.87/kg. Cows with a calf at foot made from €1,300-2,200/unit. Friesian bull calves were making from €100-170, continental bulls from €300-630, and heifers from €280-415.

Kilkenny described their 380hd sale as small but expensive, with cull cows peaking at their highest in years at €2.42/kg. Some five cows exceeded €2,000 per head, with an average of €1378. Beef and forward store heifers peaked at €2.80/kg in a range from €2.15-2.80/kg. Lighter stores made from €2.00-3.09/kg. Heavy steers were selling for €2.00-2.57/kg, or €600-940 with their weight. Forward stores sold for €1.85-2.75/kg, or €550-950 over the €/kg. Stores under 500kg made €1.70-3.30/kg. Continental cull cows varied from €1.60-2.42/kg, while Friesian culls made from €1.40-2.00/kg.

In Ballymote, the heifers were making from €400-640 over the weight. Weanling bulls were similar at €400-640 over, while the weanling heifers moved at €420-700 over. Suckler cows with a calf at foot made from €1,380-1455/unit. Cull cows were making from €235-700 over their weight.

Ballinakill had 350 cattle with the cull cows meeting a very brisk trade and making from €1.40-2.05/kg. Most weanlings and store heifers sold from €2.00-3.00/kg.

Fleshed heifers were making from €2.05-2.45/kg. Heavy steers were selling for €2.00-2.60/kg and stores for €1.90-3.00/kg.

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