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Weanling bull prices top positive week as cattle trade stays strong

Ringside and individual mart reports reflect a positive week for the cattle trade.

Steers over 500kg were up by 4-8c/kg and making from €2.10-2.60/kg. Lighter lots were maybe back ever so slightly and moving at €2.30-3.00/kg. Plainer types ranged from €1.80-1.95/kg.

The very light and very heavy heifers probably took the biggest hit with the best of the lots over 600kg back by 13c/kg. Prices for these types ran from €2.30-2.60/kg. Lots under 400kg made from €2.40-2.90/kg reflecting a 4-5c/kg fall. Heifers of 400-600kg were up slightly by 1-2c/kg at €2.35-2.70/kg. Lesser quality heifers were back by 1-4c/kg and moving at €2.05-2.15/kg.

The weanling bulls under 400kg enjoyed a very good week with the tops making from €3.00-3.35/kg while the general run were selling for €2.40-3.00/kg. Heavier lots sold in a range from €2.35-2.90/kg. Poorer types were selling for €1.95-2.10/kg. The majority of the weanling heifers moved at €2.50-3.00/kg with top lots making up to €3.20/kg. Lesser quality lots varied from €2.17-2.36/kg.

Ballinakill had 350 cattle on offer and reported plenty of customers and a dearer sale all round with the bullocks improved by about €30-50 on the previous week. The heifers and cows were a steady trade. Beef heifers were selling for €2.20-2.70/kg and the stores for €2.00-3.10/kg. Weanling heifers were making from €2.10-3.05/kg. The heavier steers were making from €2.00-2.85/kg. Light continental type stores sold for €2.15-3.10/kg. Weanling bulls moved at €2.20-3.15/kg. Cull cows ranged from €1.70-2.20/kg,

There were 650 cattle and 100 calves presented for sale in Carnew. Trade was described as strong with beef animals improved slightly. Heavy bullocks sold for €750-1,100 with the weight. Stores made from €550-930 over. Friesian steers were making from €300-750 with their weight. Weanling bulls varied from €450-800 with the €/kg. Fleshed heifers were selling for €600-1,100 over their weight and the stores for €450-850 over.

In the calf ring, the Friesian bulls were moving at €60-200/hd. Continental bull calved made from €250-440, heifers from €150-400, Hereford and Angus bulls from €220-415 and the heifers from €160-435.

In Maam Cross, the cull cows ranged from €1.42-2.17. Suckler cows with a calf at foot were making from €1,110-1,210/unit. Heifers were selling for €2.60-3.62/kg. Steers made from 2.18-3.55/kg. Weanling's made from €2.55-3.78/kg.

Prices were up by €10-20/hd for most of the 550 cattle on offer at Kilkenny Mart. Heavy steers over 600kg made from €2.05-2.60/kg or €600-1,115 with their weight. The 400-600kg lots sold for €1.80-2.85/kg while lighter types moved at €1.80-3.16/kg.

Beef heifers were selling for €2.20-2.86/kg or €620-1,130 over the €/kg. Stores made from €2.00-2.80/kg. A flying trade for cull cows saw the continentals make from €1.60-2.60/kg and the Friesian cows from €1.30-2.00/kg. Suckler cows with a calf at foot ranged from €1,200-2,000/unit.

Bullock numbers were back in Ennis but heifer and cow numbers were slightly stronger. Trade was improved in the bullock ring with lots under 500kg making from €2.22-3.28/kg and heavier types from €2.15-2.74/kg. A range from €2.20-2.90/kg bought most of the heifers. Fit cows were making from €1.80-2.30/kg while feeding cows made from €1.25-2.00/kg.

At their weanling sale, the bulls under 400kg were making from €2.20-3.48/kg and heavier lots from €2.10-2.89/kg. Heifers under 400kg made €2.07-3.34/kg and heavier lots from €2.30-2.75/kg. Cows with a calf at foot sold for €1,300-2,000/unit while in-calf stock sold to a tops of €1,760. In the calf ring, Friesian bulls varied from €95-255. Continental bull calves were selling for €380-540 and heifers for €250-500.

Cattle and calf numbers were up in Kilrush. With a strong trade all round, Friesian bull calves made from €100-220. Whitehead bulls sold for €200-350 and heifers for €170-285. Cull cows made from €1.45-1.90/kg. Heifers ranged from €2.00-2.98/kg. Bullocks moved at €2.10-3.19/kg.

Dowra Mart had a very strong trade especially for the younger quality stock last Saturday. Weanling heifers under 300 kg were making from €2.10-3.70/kg. Lots between 300-400 kg made from €2.10-3.20/kg. The 400-550kg heifers ranged from €2.20-3.10/kg while heavier lots made from €2.20-2.55/kg. Weanling bulls under 300 kg were selling for €2.40-3.60/kg.

Bulls of 300-400 kg made from €1.90-3.30/kg. Lots over 400 kg traded at €2.10-2.80/kg. Store bullocks under 550 kg were making from €2.20-2.80/kg wnhile heavier types made from €2.10-2.55/kg. Quality cull cows varied from €1.90-2.40/kg. Store cows made from €1.20-2.10/kg. The tops of the young continental cows with a calf at foot made from €1,600-2,020. Older outfits were making from €1.200-1,600.

The general run for the cull cows in Ballina ranged from €1.85-2.00/kg with a tops of €2.25/kg. Suckler cows with a calf at foot met with strong demand and made from €1,300-1,740/unit.

Quality stock sold well in Ballymote. Light store bullocks were moving at €320-610 with their weight while lots over 400kg made from €400-700 over.

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