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Sunday 20 May 2018

WATCH: Moment Irish farmer rescues pet dogs overcome with slurry fumes

Clare Williamson

This is the scene just moments after a farmer rescued his pet dogs just in time as they collapsed after being overcome by slurry mix fumes.

The pets, Jake and Ruby, can be seen lying lifeless on the ground struggling to get up or move.

At one point as one of the pups eventually managed to get up, it slowly moves over to the other in a bid to help it up.

It stands guard while the other dog remains lifeless on the ground.

Father-of-five Emmett Gildernew had began mixing the slurry as it was a good day with plenty of wind.

After about 15 minutes he walked 150 yards to the hen house and was straight back in a couple of minutes.

When he returned he was met with the sight of his passed out pets.

Once the farmer discovered what had happened he then risked his own life by stopping the pump and going in to bring them out to fresh air.

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He said: "I stopped the tractor. I thought they were dead but when I saw they were moving or trying to move.

"So rightly or wrongly I ran in."

He lifted them both to safety in to the fresh air.

He said: "They were both conscious but just paralysed couldn't move and just gasping for air. So I was talking to the vet and he said there is no point you coming here, they will recover or die by the time you get here.

"So there is nothing more you can do. "

Emmett said he then took the video in a bid to show his children and family the dangers of mixing slurry. The farmer said while he was always aware of the dangers but that he had never seen how quickly it can take hold of you until he saw the impact on his pets.

Thankfully the dogs have recovered just fine but Emmett hopes the video will serve as a message in a bid to prevent any other tragedies on the farm.

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