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Sunday 17 December 2017

Wait for approval before carrying out any work on farm

Farmers should remember that any item invoiced for, delivered, purchased or partly paid for before their application is approved will not be eligible for grant aid under the rainwater harvesting scheme rules.

Anecdotal evidence would suggest that some farmers were caught out by the rule in the Farm Waste Management Scheme, so the advice would be to wait for approval before commencing any work on the farm.

They should also provide all receipts for approved works and purchases, accompanied by a completed form RHS 20, before the final inspection by Department of Agriculture officials.

All receipts must be original, must be on headed paper and must at least include the name, address and VAT number of the supplier/contractor (if registered).

The receipt should also show:

  • The name and address of the applicant,
  • The invoice number and date, where applicable,
  • The details of purchase in an itemised form specifically referencing serial number, where applicable,
  • Actual cost of each approved item excluding VAT,
  • The total VAT paid,
  • The amount of discount, if any.

Where a farmer (or family member) intends to carry out some or all of the work himself, or uses his own machinery, they should record the hours and dates worked, as well as the hourly rate charged on the form RHS 20.

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