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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Vital new weapon in theft battle

Meath man Michael Corcoran is the driving force behind SmartWater marking (right), a special solution which can be applied to any item, from tools to tractors, which has a unique forensic code to identify the legitimate owner.

The solution, which Mr Corcoran says is simple to apply and virtually impossible to remove, shows up under ultraviolet light and police in Britain are now equipped with UV lights to check for the presence of SmartWater on suspected stolen items.

Mr Corcoran says farmers in Cumbria have credited SmartWater with a 10pc reduction in farm crime in just one year.

Police there believe thieves have started to avoid farms where the SmartWater logo is displayed because they know the marking makes selling stolen goods more difficult.

It is understood the company is in talks with the IFA, Garda Siochana, PSNI and will be rolling out a national theft prevention programme.

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