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Monday 19 February 2018

Very brisk trade evident as stock levels stay low

Joe Healy

With almost all marts back in action, trade was reported to be extremely brisk for all types, with small numbers on offer everywhere. While any animal fit for slaughter remains very much in demand, nice continental store bullocks were probably the best sellers during the week. Trade for young calves was up, especially for the Friesian bulls.

Numbers of stock at Kilkenny Mart didn't match demand, with buyers reported to be plentiful. Heavy steers over 600kg made €330-490 over, while Friesian, Hereford and Angus types sold for €1.50-1.75/kg.

Fancy stores of 400-550kg met the best of the trade to sell for €2-2.45/kg. Lighter continental stores made €2-2.08/kg, while Hereford and Angus steers sold for €1.50-1.90/kg.

Well-fleshed heifers made €1.60-1.92/kg, or €250-430 over their weight. Stores made €1.80-2.07/kg. Cull cows for further feeding sold from €1/kg upwards, while the better-fleshed cows made up to €280 over the €/kg.

Balla Mart had its first sale of the year on Saturday with 420 cattle on offer. There was a good trade for all types of cattle, and bullocks and heifers remained in strong demand. Store bullocks made €240-475 with the weight, while plainer lots sold for €200-370 over.

The best of the heavy bullocks made up to €700 over. In the heifer ring, the best of the stores made €200-465 over. Heavier heifers sold up to €645. Suckler cows calving in 1-2 months made up to €1,440, while the best of the fleshy cull cows was €1,220.

The general run for the culls made €100-325 over, while suckler cows with calves at foot made €1,000-1,440 for the best of the lots on offer. Older cows made €720-1,220/hd.


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Dowra Mart had only 200 on offer but the mart met a lively trade as forward stores and dry cows were very much in demand. Store bullocks made €300-550 over the weight. The strong bull weanlings over 400kg made €400-550 with the €/kg, while lighter types made €250-500 over.

Store heifers sold for €300-500 over, while the top weanling heifers made €250-550 over.

Lighter weanling heifers made €200-500 over their weight.

The best of the young, dry cows made €250-400 over, while the older cows made from €1/kg up to €200 over. Good quality, in-calf heifers made €1,200-1,600 each, while cows with calves at foot made €1,100-1,550/unit.

The best of the heavy bulls over 600kg made €405-715 over their weight at Raphoe Mart.

Beef bullocks sold for €320-780 over, while stores made €280-570 over the €/kg. Fat heifers sold for €300-715 over and stores made €250-515, while prices for cull cows varied from €670-1,640.

Wexford Farmers' Mart also had strong demand across the board.

Beef bullocks made €315-710 over the weight, stores sold for €275-605 over, well-fleshed heifers made €265-545 and store heifers sold for €220-465 over the €/kg.

Wexford also had 100 calves on offer, with an exceptionally strong demand for all types. Continental bulls made €195-415, while heifers sold for €185-385.

Hereford and Angus bull calves made €125-335, while €175-300 was paid for the heifers. Prices for the Friesian bull calves were up by €40-60/hd at €115-270.

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