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Monday 18 December 2017

Vending machines to sell frozen meat

Vending machines selling frozen beef steaks are being rolled out by two German meat companies.

Schulte & Sohn, through the Gourmet Fleisch and Otto Gourmet brands, are planning to sell premium Irish Angus and Hereford steaks alongside Wagyu and bison, in frozen proportioned packs in wine, furniture and BBQ outlets.

Described as a shop-in-shop concept, it allows the meat products to be sold in retail outlets that would normally be beyond the reach of premium meat vendors.

This high-end positioning for premium beef product is closely aligned with Bord Bia's marketing strategy in the German market and further retail partnership opportunities are being explored.

While awareness of Irish beef is relatively low at 10pc, it is hoped this will increase to 50pc over the next three years using promotional campaigns.

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