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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Vector Powerdrive plugs hole with new fence unit

Bruce Lett

Brennan Fencing's alter ego, Vector Powerdrive, was at the recent Grassland event in the UK displaying its range of post and stake drivers.

Vector Powerdrive products were previously available in the UK, branded as Bryce Suma. But this marketing arrangement has come to an end and the Kilkenny firm is establishing the Vector Powerdrive brand there.

Generating considerable interest in the UK was the firm's new self-propelled, one-man fencing unit.

Based on a second-hand tracked dumper, this self contained machine can be operated by one man on the ground. The load deck area carries a considerable amount of stakes, which the operator can pick and position under the hammer as required. The post driver angle can be adjusted hydraulically to compensate for hills and uneven terrain.

There are also dispensers on board for barbed wire, plain wire and rolls of sheep wire that can be dispensed out at the machine trundles along. Once dispensed, a hydraulic leg equipped, with several wedge-shaped retainers, is used to hydraulically tension the span of sheep wire before stapling it to the straining post.

Tracking or driving the unit from the ground is done with an additional pair of levers under the main hydraulic levers, which control the direction of two rubber caterpillar tracks.


An additional feature of this post-drive is the rock-spike for making a pilot hole in tough or stoney ground. This is carried on the side of the mast and hydraulically swung into place as required.

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"This is a contractors' machine," says firm owner Michael Brennan. "It's generating a lot of interest in the UK."

In Ireland, sales of contractor-spec machines fell off with the completion of road projects, says Mr Brennan, so the export market is very important to the firm. "But farmer specification machines are selling OK in Ireland," he adds.

The price of the self-propelled fencing unit is around €24,000 + VAT depending on the price of the second-hand tracked machine it is based on.

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