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Value of palm kernel expeller

In an article I wrote in the Farming Independent of February 28, it was stated that the UFL value of palm kernel expeller was 0.76. In fact, the UFL value of palm kernel expeller is 0.85 UFL.

I also stated that the UFL value of any ration purchased by dairy farmers this spring should be 0.94 UFL on a fresh weight basis. I still hold to that view.

What happens when feeding rates decline when cows go to grass day and night? Mineral inclusion rate must now increase to insure adequate minerals are supplied. The energy content of the ration will subsequently decline. For example, if you are purchasing a ration in late March for feeding at a 2kg feeding rate, energy density is less critical. However, it should not be ignored completely. The target UFL value for such a ration is 0.9UFL.

John Donworth

Indo Farming