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Valtra has tractor design down to a T


Valtra's new T series tractor

Valtra's new T series tractor

Valtra's new T series tractor

Valtra's new T series was selected as the winner of the "Machine of the Year" award in the 180-280hp category at the SIMA Show in Paris. This is one of the most prestigious accolades for tractors incorporating innovative technology and overall performance.

Valtra launched the new T series in in November 2014. Deliveries started in December and Valtra claims that the order backlog is higher than ever before in the company's history.

This is the fourth generation of the Valtra T series, and is a completely new tractor design with seven models ranging from 155 to 250hp. The new cab is stylish, quiet and spacious with excellent visibility.

Valtra is the only tractor brand to utilize the Aires+ pneumatic front axle suspension and there are four transmission types - HiTech, Active, Versu and Direct.

The AGCO Power engines (either 6.6L or 7.4L) use only SCR. The service interval has been extended to 600 hours. Numerous customers were interviewed before and during the five year development project.

Over 40,000 hours of testing in the laboratory and field, from Nordic cold to hotter locations, have all played their part with durability, high performance, low operating costs and driver comfort the main demands.

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