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Useful contacts

-Cablecraft in Dublin supplies complete cable and lever assemblies for many makes of hedgecutter; Tel: 01 458 8688 or visit

-UK firm Flails Direct supplies flails for an enormous variety of older and modern hedgecutters; Tel: (0044) 1427 718561 or log on to

-Hedgecutter head repairs and balancing, Nicholas Gainford Ltd; Tel: 053 925 5713 or visit

-Hedgecutter operator and parts manuals,

even for older machines, are all available to download on McConnel, Bomford, Twose and Spearhead websites.

All, including Rosseau,

are part of the Alamo Group.

On some of the sites, downloads are found in the dealer section: n n www.bomford


- www.spearhead.

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