Use Aspen's clean fuel to avoid those choking fumes in normal petrol

Anyone who has ever used a chainsaw or other two-stroke machine will understand what the fumes from these machines are like.

According to Liffey Distributors, one running lawnmower emits the same amount of fumes as three cars.

"Chainsaw users are in a very vulnerable position and we have started using Aspen as company policy," said Tree Care Irelan's Kevin Birchall.

According to Aspen, its alkylate petrol is more or less free from lead, benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons, olifines (cracked components) and sulphur.

Needless to say, the manufacturers claim that petrol fumes and emissions from Aspen alkylate petrol are less dangerous to your health than emissions from normal petrol.

Aspen is said to have a shelf life of years instead of just months for conventional petrol and is available as straight fuel for four-stroke engines or mixed for two- stroke engines.

The down side though is that it is more expensive, costing €4-5/l for the mixed variety, according to Kevin.

However, its long shelf life makes it very suitable for occasional or seasonal users such as farmers.

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Aspen is available through Husqvarna dealers throughout the country.

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