Up to 95pc of BMW farm incomes from subsidies

Caitriona Murphy

Farmers in the border, midlands and west (BMW) region relied almost exclusively on subsidies for their agricultural incomes last year, according to figures released by CSO.

Analysis of farm incomes shows 94.9pc of the income generated on BMW holdings came from subsidies last year. Of the €777.9m in farm income, a massive €738.3m came from subsidies and just €94.9m came from farming activities.

Farmers in the southern and eastern region were far less reliant on subsidies for their income.

Some 61.5pc of farm income on the southern and eastern farms consisted of subsidies, amounting to €900.5m of the €1.463bn farm income for the region.

The farm income figures tally with the areas where farm size and soil structure mean higher-earning farm enterprises can be carried out.

The CSO figures show that more than 80pc of milk output and almost 80pc of the country's cereal output came from the southern and eastern region.

Just under 55pc of national sheep and close to 48pc of national pig output came from the BMW region, while 61pc of national cattle output was produced in the south and east.

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