UK farmers guaranteed €3bn CAP payment

In Brexit news, the UK government has said it will guarantee around €3bn a year in CAP payments to British farmers up to 2020 to assuage fears they will be cut off following the June vote to quit the EU.

UK chancellor Philip Hammond said the British government would also guarantee all agri-environment schemes agreed before the government publishes its autumn budget statement.

Meanwhile, a report released last week by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) says that post-Brexit farm payments should be reduced and focused on small farmers to "address the bias in policy towards larger farms".

The report, New Model Farming, says that support for large-scale farms has harmed soil and wildlife and slashed the number of farms by 34,000 in 10 years.

"To forge a more resilient future, the government should encourage a mix of farms that produce different foods for local people and varied, thriving landscapes," said Graeme Willis, CPRE's food and farming campaigner.

"The obvious place to start is by redirecting funding to help smaller, more innovative and mixed farms, and by making land available for new farmers to enter the market."

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