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Friday 19 January 2018

Turning ideas into winning designs

The Eco Combi drainage machine from designer Bernie McNamee took first place in the Inventions in Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry class last year. This is a really well made machine capable of digging a land drain and backfilling it with drainage stone in a single pass. It features a macerator to ensure the spoil from the drain is broken up and spread evenly across the surface of the field. The hopper holds six tons of gravel, and the machine is capable of draining up to 80 metres in five minutes.

Meanwhile, first place in the labour saving devices class went to Pat Quinn from Northern Engineering for his Cow Tipper (pictured below). This machine was mainly designed and built to aid with the paring of cows feet, but has since found use in many other applications. It is fully hydraulically operated, leading to a safe and comfortable user experience.

The animal is loaded from the rear, courtesy of a hydraulic backing bar. Once comfortably restrained inside, the animal is turned up onto its side, where all four hooves can be restrained and safely worked upon.

The machine features a headrest and shoulder support to maximise animal comfort. Requiring just a single 220V electricity source to operate, the machine is quickly set up to work, and comes in both mobile and stationary formats.

So, if you think you have invented the next big thing, why not bring it along to Tullamore Show 2015?

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