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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Triple size vertical tub diet machine gives Irish stockmen feeding choice

French firm Kuhn is now offering a new compact vertical or tub diet feeder range in 14m, 16m and 18m capacities.

Kuhn says the new Profile feeders are similar to its Euromix machines but 5pc narrower and up to 8pc lower in height for equivalent capacity models. This is partly achieved by integrating the wheels into the body of the machine.

Twin vertical augers provide the cutting and mixing of the feed and all Profile models have Kuhn's electronic weighing system fitted as standard, along with a frontal distribution conveyor that can unload to the right or left of the machine. Optional is a hydraulic offset for the main conveyer which, if combined with a tilting conveyor, allows the Profile to discharge feed into different height troughs.

According to Kuhn, the three models in the range cover herds from 65 to 140 cows and can be run by the relatively low tractor power requirements of 80, 85 and 90hp respectively.

In Ireland, Kuhn products are handled through three importers: Larkins (Dublin) Ltd, 01 459 1311; Rosarie Crowley, Cork Farm Machinery, 021 454 3801; and James Doherty, WW Doherty and Sons, 061 396 221.

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