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Friday 24 November 2017

trio add to might of Deutz

German giant reveals three much-improved TTV models

Bruce Lett

Filling the gap between the Agrofarm TTV and six-cylinder Agrotron TTV models, Deutz-Fahr recently launched three new variable transmission TTV models, the TTV410, TTV420 and TTV430.

Rated engine powers of the three new models are 115hp, 124hp and 134hp respectively, while maximum power output is 121hp, 130hp and 142hp.

All are powered by turbocharged and intercooled four-litre, four-cylinder, Deutz diesel engines featuring common rail fuel injection and four valves per cylinder. Exhaust Gas Recirculation is used to control exhaust emissions and the firm employs an electronically controlled eVisco fan to provide cooling air where required throughout the tractor's cooling system. The engines are also approved for bio-diesel (B100).

The transmission and backend is provided by long-term partner ZF, which provides CVT and power shift variants for all of the larger models in the SDF group of Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Same and Hurlimann.

According to Deutz-Fahr, the TTV variable transmission fitted to the new Agrotron TTV 400 models features high mechanical efficiency and the company claims that up to 100pc of the driving power is mechanically transmitted, reducing the higher energy-absorbing hydrostatic ratio to a minimum.

This is helped by having four different working ranges in the ZF transmission, plus there are three drive and work modes -- automatic, PTO and manual. These modes can be used to select constant forward speed, PTO speed or manual operation depending on the operation being carried out. A further ECO or Power setting determines the engine's response within the modes.

The new models have an active stop control, enabling the tractor to be braked without using the service brake and held in a stopped position similar to hydrostatic drive.

Ultimately, speed is infinitely variable from 0mph up, and all models are available in either 40 or 50 km/h variants. Maximum road speed is achieved at 1,800rpm for the 50km/h version and 1,600 rpm for the 40.

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Four PTO speeds come as standard: 540, 540E, 1,000 and 1,000E. Operating in the Auto-mode, headland management automatically switches off the PTO during lifting and back on again when the lift is lowered. Optional is front linkage and a 1,000rpm PTO.

The S-Class cab fitted to the new Agrotrons has more than 6.5m2 of glass, according to Deutz-Fahr, plus there is a roof window, which is useful for loader work. In the seat, the PowerCom V armrest control is used for all the main operating controls, while other controls are grouped and colour coded together according to their function, such as hydraulics, auxiliary valves, PTO and transmission.

Optional is the iMonitor, which is mounted in front of the multi controller and features a bluetooth hands-free kit, MP3 player, radio, a reversing camera and is ISOBUS compatible.

Up to seven double-acting remote valves can be fitted, supplied by a 110-litre/min load-sensing variable displacement hydraulic pump. Lift capacity is 6.2t. The new Agrotrons are also fitted with 'Power Brakes'. Brake boosters reduce the pedal effort required by the operator while also reducing the braking distance of the tractor in line with the latest version of braking requirements for agricultural tractors from the EU.

Internally, the firm has made changes to the brake design, increasing the distance between the discs to reduce the amount of oil-drag between them and increase fuel efficiency.

  • Agrotron TTV 410 is €110,300 + VAT.
  • Agrotron TTV 420 is €113,750 + VAT.
  • Agrotron TTV 430 is €117,150 + VAT.

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