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Trade up as prices rise €3/hd

The mart trade for sheep over the past week was at worst steady and at best improved by up to €3/hd.

Heavy lambs sold for €67-77 over the weight. Factory types made €65-77 over. Stores sold for €45-58 over, with a top of €117. Ewes with lambs at foot made €140-270/unit, while in-lamb ewes sold up to and over €200. Heavy fat cull ewes made up to €135.

A small sale at Athenry Mart yesterday saw heavy lambs sell for €70-77 over the weight. Lighter lots made €50-60 with the €/kg. Culls ran at €70-124. Ewes with lambs at foot made €140-180.

At Kilkenny Mart, the butcher lambs moved for €69-73 over their weight. Factory lambs were up €1-2/hd and sold for €65-79 over. Stores made €45-55 with the €/kg.

Down in Fermoy, the good heavy lambs made up to €80 with the weight in a big sale of more than 500 animals. The 45-50kg lambs sold for €55-63 over.

Dowra Mart reported a brisk trade for all sheep on Saturday last as the best of the ewe lambs made €100-145 each, while the best of the heavy lambs sold for €90-118. Lighter lambs for further feeding sold for €70-90 each.

There was 1,350 sheep for sale at Carnew Mart. Heavy lambs were up by €5/hd with all other lambs up by €2/3. Butcher lambs made €72-77 over and sold for €125-129.

Tullow had a small sheep sale. Well-fleshed lambs sold for €62-77 with their weight. Stores made €46-67 over at €86-109. Cull ewes ran at €40-122. In-lamb ewes sold for €130-210/hd, while ewes with lambs at foot made €155-256/unit.

The sheep trade was back a little at Maam Cross but Blackface mountain ewes running with the ram sold for €75-140. Cull prices ran at €45-75 each.

Trade was steady and firm in Enniscorthy. Butcher lambs made €116-124 (€70-74 over). Factory types sold for €110-120 (€65-71 over). Stores made €80-107 each, while ewe lambs sold for €70-80 over at €115-130.0

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