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Trade unaffected by factories' attempts to drive down prices

Despite the processors trying to exert downward pressure on beef prices during the week, the mart trade remained unscathed with strong demand and prices reported all round.

Heavy well-fleshed continental cull cows made €2-2.20/kg in some of the sales yards. Suckler heifers and young cows scanned in-calf made €1,500-2,000/hd, while the quality cows with a calf at foot sold up to and over the €2,000 mark.

Any type of reasonable bullock, heifer or weanling made more than €2/kg, with better quality types at €2.20-2.50/kg. Suck calves are experiencing an extremely strong trade. Despite the super levy still very much a reality, dairy stock is commanding good interest.

Dairy heifers and young cows on the point of calving at Kilmallock Mart sold for €1,600-1,750. A clearance sale of dairy cows starting to calf in a month's time made up to €1,560. At yesterday's calf sale, Friesian bull calves born this month made €225-300.

Friesian bull calves at Ennis Mart sold for €210-335. Continental bull calves made €400-700, with heifer calves topping out at €550. Light weanling bulls made €2.80-3.18/kg. Heifer weanlings made €2.30-3.03/kg, depending on quality and weight.

A lively trade all round with the small fancy stores fetching great prices was the report from Ballinakill. Heavy steers sold for €2-2.51/kg. Forward stores made €1.95-2.55/kg and lighter steers sold for €1.85-2.65/kg. Heifers fit for slaughter made €1.90-2.40/kg.

There was no change to the trade at Kilkenny Mart. Heavy continental bullocks sold for €2.05-2.24/kg in the main. The 400-600kg steers made €2.10-2.70/kg. Good beef heifers sold for €2-2.33/kg. Butcher types moved for €2-2.45/kg. Stores made €1.95-2.48/kg.

Dowra Mart had 480 cattle on offer last Saturday and trade continued to break new ground. The best of the weanling bulls over 500kg made €2-2.70/kg for the top lots, while bull weanlings of 300-500kg sold for €2.20-3/kg, with some fancy lots under 300kg making €2.50-3.30/kg.

Carnew Mart had 580 cattle on offer. A strong trade for all classes ensured that prices were fully maintained. Heavy bullocks sold for €650-1,050 over. Stores made €420-810 over. Beef heifers sold for €550-900 with the €1/kg, while stores made €410-820 over the weight. The best of the cull cows made up to €1,050 over, while cows in need of further feeding sold back to €250 with the weight.

At Tuam Mart, the steers over 600kg sold for €2.10-2.39/kg, with lighter types at €2.30-2.53/kg. Heifers over 500kg sold for €2.27-2.69/kg. Heifers under this weight made €2.25-2.62/kg. The light weanling bulls up to 300kg traded for €2.44-3.41/kg, while heavier lots moved at €2.51-2.78/kg. Weanling heifers made €2.34-2.62/kg. Cull cows sold up to €1,600.

At Balla Mart, the end of month continental sale was held with more than 1,000 cattle on offer from 250 different owners. In-calf cows and cows with a calf at foot made €1,000-2,000. Bullocks were a good trade and heavy stock averaged €2.17-3.01/kg.

Up in Raphoe, heavy bulls made €720-1,160 with the weight. Beef bullocks sold for €655-1,140 over, with stores at €500-865. Finished heifers sold for €490-870 over. Store heifers made €305-745 over, while cull cows sold for €700-1,550.

On Friday, Raphoe is holding a special sale of cull cows and suckler springers in conjunction with the normal sale.

Store cull cows at Ballymote Mart made €200-400 over, with heavy types at €400-770 over. Suckler cows made €1,080-1,880. Weanling bulls sold for €400-665 with the €1/kg, while heifers moved for €300-680 over the weight.

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