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Tuesday 23 January 2018

Trade still red hot as farmers and factories go head to head

Joe Healy

The store trade for both steers and heifers continues to be very strong at marts around the country with no let-up in farmer demand.

Good-type forward stores made €1.80-2.27/kg, while plainer and lighter lots sold for €1.50-2.00/kg. Continental store heifers made €1.45-2.00/kg.

Factory buyers were very active for finished cattle and willing to pay well in excess of €2/kg for the better types as the O-grading stock sold back towards €1.70/kg.

The calf trade remains buoyant. Strong Friesian bull calves are making over €200/hd. Lighter lots are selling from €100 up.

Good dairy stock were also commanding strong scores with a top price of €2,000 paid for a freshly calved Friesian heifer at Ennis Mart. The general run for the heifers at the Clare premises was €1,200-1,500, with cows making €1,000-1,400 depending on age and quality. Friesian bull calves for the Spanish market sold for €100-130 while stronger types made €140-170.

Kilkenny Mart reported a slightly tougher trade than normal for the plainer cattle, especially the steers. Heifer numbers were up and trade was extremely brisk for all females. There were 1,230 head of stock for sale in total.


Outlying store bullocks and heifers were the best sellers at Ballinakill Mart. Those types of bullocks sold for €1.85-2.27/kg. Lighter lots made €1.55-2.05/kg. Heavy steers achieved €1.78-2.20/kg, while the finished heifer made €1.70-2.07/kg. Store heifers sold for €1.45-1.85/kg.

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Dowra Mart had 600 cattle at their sale on Saturday with a very strong demand for all cattle on the day. Forward store bullocks made €450-680 over, while the lighter types sold for €350-600 over their weight.

Prices on average at Balla Mart were up by €143/hd compared to the corresponding sale last year for the 905 cattle on offer.

Prices for lighter store bullocks were up €20-40 on the previous week and sold for €350-710 over the weight, while plainer lots made €300-400 over. The best of the heavy bullocks made up to €730 over.

At Ballymote Mart, bullocks under 400kg made €250-455 over. Lots weighing 400-500kg sold for €300-570 over. Heavier types over 500kg made €400-630. Light heifers under 300kg sold for €220-445 with their weight. The 300-500kg heifers achieved €280-645 over the €/kg, while over 500kg sold for €320-500 over.

Beef bullocks ranged from €330-725 over the €1/kg at Enniscorthy Mart, with the stores selling for €300-645 over. The finished heifer made from €285 over up to a tops of €700 over for the best of the females. Prices for the stores ran at €260-590 with the weight. The cull cows made €125-515 over.

Friesian bulls at the calf sale sold for €105-310 while the black and white heifers made €215-365. Continental bulls sold in a range of €250-485 with the heifers at €225-385. Hereford and Angus bulls made €215-400.

The heifers in those breeds made €155-345.

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