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Saturday 16 December 2017

Trade steady for quality finished stock

Cattle MArts

Joe Healy

Although prices for plain cattle have taken a dip of €10-20/hd, the trade seems to be pretty steady for quality finished and store stock, as well as suckler cows with a calf at foot. Well-fleshed heavy bullocks made up to €2.15/kg in the past week, while forward stores sold for €1.70-2.25/kg depending on quality.

Butcher heifers made up to €2/kg and if you were buying stores you also needed to be paying this or more if you wanted to get a nice Continental type. Continental bull calves continue to sell for €300-400, with Hereford bull calves making €250-300 each, while the heifer calves sell for €200-270. Plainer calves out of Holstein cows are making €50 less. The small number of dairy cows being sold are generally making from €800-1,100/hd.

Numbers were down slightly at Ballinakill, where prices for cull cows and plainer cattle were a bit easier. Prices for plain stores fell by up to €30/hd. The best of heavy Continental bullocks made up to €710 over the weight, with the general run selling for €1.90-2.10/kg. Forward stores made €1.70-2.25/kg, while the lighter types sold in a range of €1.50-2.20/kg. On the heifer side, well-fleshed lots sold for €1.60-2.20/kg. Stores made €1.45-2.00/kg. Weanling bulls ranged from €1.60-2.30/kg and weanling heifers sold for €1.40-1.80/kg. Cull cows varied from €1-1.70/kg. The best of the suckler cows made up to €1,450, with the rest selling back to €880.

On Saturday, Balla Mart had 620 cattle on offer. Top price for sucklers was €1,800 for an eight-year-old cow and Belgian Blue bull calf and the best cull cow, a well-fleshed 940kg 11-year old made €1,750. Good-quality weanling bulls made from €350-600 with their weight. A special U and R grade weanling sale will be held next Saturday.

Kilkenny mart's special suckler and weanling sale in conjunction with the normal sale resulted in a bigger turnout of 650 head of stock. Prices for lighter store bullocks and heifers were down about €10-15/hd. Heavy steers sold for €1.90-2.15/kg. Angus and Friesian types made €1.50-1.72/kg. Forward continental stores made €1.70-2.13/kg. Bullocks under 500kg generally made €2-2.19/kg with seven quality Charolais steers weighing 375kg selling for €910 or €2.43/kg.


Friesians were making in the region of €1.70/kg with Angus types selling up to €1.98/kg. In the heifer ring, butcher types sold for €1.70-2.00/k and heavy beef heifers sold from €1.60-2.00/kg, with a top price of €2.21/kg paid for a575kg Continental. Stores made €1.60-2.25/kg. Weanling heifers sold for €2-2.20/kg or €300-320 over the weight, while bull prices ranged from €2.20-2.50/kg or €300-595 over. Friesian cull cows ranged from €1.05-1.55/kg. Continental cows sold for €1.37-1.70/kg.

Trade for quality stock was still very strong at Ballymote Mart. Bullocks sold for €250-565 over their weight. Light store heifers made from €200-407 over the €/kg, 300-400kg heifers sold for €250- 500 over. Lots of 400-500kg made from €250- 480 over and heavier types sold for up to €640 over the weight. Light weanling bulls up to 370kg made €200-370 over the weight, while lots up to 450kg made from €200-500 over the €/kg. Weanling heifers sold for €200-500 over.

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Top bulls over 600kg in Raphoe made €620-865 over the weight. Beef bullocks sold for €630-810 over, while stores made €250-655 over the €/kg. Beef heifers made €455-765 over and store heifers made €220-560 over the weight. Cull cow prices went from €410/hd for feeders up to €1,255/hd for well-fleshed lots fit for slaughter.

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