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Trade remains stable across nation's sales

A steady week for the sheep trade at the marts around the country. Young ewes with twin lambs sold for €200-310. Older ewes made back to €150. Ewes with singles sold for €120-180. Heavy culls made €100-133. Lighter types sold for €100 back to €50. Lambs over 50kg made €60-80 over the weight. Factory types generally moved at €60-75 over, with the stores at €50-60 with the €1/kg. It is vital if you have heavy lambs that you sell them at the mart in order to maximise the price you can get.

At Athenry Mart yesterday, two of the best prices paid for lambs for slaughter were €132 for 47kg or €85 over, while a 44kg pen sold for €127 or €83 over. These were the exceptions, however, with the main run selling for €65-77 with the weight.

Heavy lambs in Fermoy sold for €65-80 with the €1/kg, with nice stores at €55-65 over.

Good, well-fleshed lambs made €55-77 over at Kilkenny Mart. Lighter lambs around the 40kg sold for €50-60 over.

A lively trade and good demand for all types of sheep was the order of the day at Baltinglass Mart. Heavy lambs made up to €125/hd, with lighter stock at €106-120/hd. Cull ewes made up to €110. Ewes scanned in-lamb sold for up to €150/hd. There is no sale next week due to St Patrick's Day.

Trade was improved from previous weeks at Dowra Mart on Saturday last, with the best of the ewe lambs making €100-145 each, while store lambs sold for €75-100. Heavy cull ewes made €75-120. Ewes for further feeding sold for €55-80/hd.

The trade was steady at Enniscorthy Mart. Store lambs sold for €60-68 over the €1/kg for €80-110. Factory types made €112-120 or €65-71 over. Heavy butcher lambs made €117-124 or €70-75 with the weight. Ewe lambs sold for €118-130. Light cull ewes made €47-85, while heavier, more fleshy ewes hit €104-124 each.

Raphoe Mart had 600 sheep on offer. Ewes with a pair of lambs at foot sold for €200-310, while ewes with a single lamb made €150-224/unit. Cull ewes sold for €90-133. Butcher lambs made €50-86 over the €1/kg, while €50-82 over was the going rate for the factory lots. Stores made €40-68 over their weight.

A small sale at Tullow Mart saw the factory agents show a noticeable lack of interest in the heavier-type lambs. Despite this, the 50kg+ lamb still sold well with a top price of €130 paid for 53kg.

Generally, those types made €65-77 over the weight. Stores sold for €45-63 over. Top price for the cull ewes was €120, with a mixed selection in terms of quality. Ewes with lambs at foot sold for €150-220.

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