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Friday 24 November 2017

Trade levels off but still strong for dairy stock and suck calves

Joe Healy

The mart trade has probably levelled off somewhat but that still leaves trade very strong with dairy stock, suck calves and suckler cows, either due to calve or with a calf at foot, all in keen demand.

Young calved dairy cows and those close to calving were making from €1,300-2,000. Friesian bull calves are making from €150-400 depending on age, strength and quality. Continental bull calves are ranging from €300-600 with the heifers making from €250-550. Nicely made Hereford and Angus bull calves are selling from €300-500 while the heifers are commanding prices of €250-450. Suckler cows are in the main making from €1,400-1,900. Beef cattle are selling for €2.00-2.50 while stores are making €2-2.70 in general.

Balla Mart had a U and R-grade weanling sale with over 1,150 cattle on offer. The best of the lighter weanling bulls made up to €3.75/kg. Bullocks were a good trade and heavy stock averaged from €1.90-2.26/kg while lighter types made from €2.45-3.17/kg. Trade for heifers was strong also with some quality heavy heifers making from €2.31-3.04/kg while forward stores made from €2.63-3.16/kg.

Ballinakill Mart had 310 for sale. Prices in general were unchanged from the previous week. Strong heifers sold at slightly better prices. Small store bullocks improved by €10-20/hd and sold for €1.95-2.70/kg. Forward stores moved at €1.90-2.65/kg with the heavy lots making €2-2.50/kg. The beef heifer sold for €2-2.45/kg while the store made €1.80-2.30/kg. Weanling bulls ranged from €2.45-2.85/kg with the heifers making from €1.90-2.60/kg.

At the annual fatstock show and sale last Saturday, Carnew Mart had 1,050hd of stock for sale. Beef and forward stores made from €650 with the weight with a top price of €1,660 over. Stores made €420-840 with the €1/kg. Weanling bulls made €450-1,070 over.

On the dairy side, freshly calved cows sold for €1,320-1,850 while springing cows made €1,350-2,020 each.

The 275 calves at Enniscorthy Mart met with a great trade. Friesian bulls sold for €145-340. Continental bulls were selling for €420-575 and the heifers for €300-520. Hereford and Angus bull calves ranged from €310-500, while the heifers sold from €250-445.

Up in Raphoe the best of the heavy bulls over 600kg made €1,000-1,330 over. Beef bullocks sold for €715-980 with their weight. Stores made €545-880 with the €/kg. Beef heifers sold for €600-930 with the weight, stores made €400-740 over and cull cows sold for €670-1,875.

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Cull cows were making €875-1745 at Ballymote Mart. Bullocks sold for €450-550 with their weight. Store heifers made €500-900 over. Weanling bulls sold for €400-800 with the €1/kg while the weanling heifers made €400-600 over.

Dowra Mart had 690 cattle on offer on Saturday last with a very strong demand, especially for breeding and weanling heifers, which made €700-1,150 over. Plainer lots sold from this back to €300 over. Heavy bullocks made €2-2.40/kg.

At the sale of show cattle in Kilkenny Mart, the beef lots were selling for €2.40-2.57/kg. The good beef heifers generally sold for €2.09-2.45 with a tops of €2.81/kg paid when a 675kg Belgian Blue made €1,900. Store heifers made from €2.15-2.67/kg.

Heavy steers at Tuam Mart were making €2.05-2.37/kg. Heifers over 500kg made €2.00-2.94/kg while heifers under 500kg sold for €2.48-2.58/kg. Heavy weanling bulls over 440kg made €2.53-2.78/kg.

At Cahir Mart, the good quality forward store made €360-630 with the weight. Beef and butcher heifers sold for €460-540 over the €1/kg while stores made €350-420 over.

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