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Tractor manufacturers land 700-unit Chinese deal

Tractor manufacturers Case IH is understood to have landed a contract to supply more than 700 tractors to a Chinese buyer.

More than 600 CaseIH Puma 210s, 100 CaseIH Magnums, as well as an unspecified number of CaseIH combines, are included in the deal.

CaseIH is part of the CNH (Case New Holland) group, owned by Italian firm Fiat.

In a move to create more individual brand identities, both the CaseIH headquarters and the production of CaseIH products were moved a few years ago from the shared New Holland facility in Britain to the CNH group-owned Steyr factory in St Valentin, Austria.

While the Pumas for the Chinese deal will all be built at the Austrian plant, it is unclear where the Magnums will be sourced. Some Magnums destined for the Eastern European markets are built at the Steyr facility, while most sold in Western Europe are built in the US.

The Steyr factory certainly has the capacity to build for the order, having built 11,500 tractors at the peak of tractor demand in 2008.

With a population in excess of 1.34bn and a land mass of 2.5bn acres, this deal shows that feeding the Chinese population will provide export opportunities not only for food producers but also for the wider agri-sector.

Bruce Lett

Indo Farming