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Thursday 22 February 2018

Tough new drink laws hit farmers

Drinking a few pints after a day cutting silage may become a thing of the past following the introduction of the new, stricter drink driving limits over the weekend.

The Government confirmed that the lower blood alcohol of 20mg will apply for all drivers towing trailers.

The new limits will apply to farmers drawing car/jeep trailers, livestock boxes and tractors pulling trailers, including silage wagons.

The drink drive limit has been cut from 80mg to 50mg for all drivers and from 80mg to 20mg for learner, newly qualified drivers and professional drivers.

The extension of the severe limit to drivers drawing trailers will have the heaviest impact for farmers.

The stricter requirement to carry a current driving licence at all times will also have some difficulties for farmers who may drive different vehicles at different times of the day.

Martin Ryan

Online SPS bids are up

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Online applications for the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) have increased seven-fold since the option was first introduced in 2007.

Latest figures from the Department of Agriculture show that more than 54,370 farmers used the online system this year, compared to 7,525 in 2007.

The number of applications filed online in 2011 increased by 10,907, or 25pc compared to last year's figure of 43,465.

Farmers are also using the electronic calf birth registration option with gusto.

Last year, 26pc of calf births were recorded online, while the rate of electronic registrations for January to September this year was 34pc.

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