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Top quality weanling bulls make ¤3/kg as strong trade maintained

Numbers are increasing at the marts with some salesyards reporting that prices for some categories have moved upwards, while the strong steady trade for the rest was maintained.

The top quality weanling bulls for export made up to €3/kg. The general run of good quality bulls ranged from €1.90-2.30/kg or €400-600 over the weight. Plainer types sold for €300-400 over. Heifers were just slightly behind those levels. Beef bullocks and heifers made €1.80-2.20. Continental stores made €2-2.50/kg. Heavy cows remain much in demand, with prices of €1.50-1.70/kg commonplace for good continental lots. Well-fleshed Friesian culls made up to and above €1.50/kg, while store types sold for €0.80-1.20/kg.

Kilkenny Mart had a special weanling sale, which saw prices go as high as €2.90/kg as beef bullocks topped out at €2.17/kg. The general run of heavy continental steers made €1.90-2.10/kg, while Herefords and Angus lots sold for €1.70-1.92/kg.


Continentals from 400-600kg sold for €2-2.40/kg. Friesians made €1.60-1.89/kg. Lighter stores sold for €2-2.30/kg. Beef heifers traded for €2.05-2.17/kg or €400-650 over the weight. Butcher types moved at €1.70-2/kg. Store prices ranged from €1.80-2.28/kg. Weanling heifers made €1.60-2.70/kg, while the bulls sold for €1.85-2.86/kg.

There were slightly smaller numbers at Ballinakill Mart compared to recent weeks. Light store bullocks made as high as €700 with the weight, while some of the heavy ones sold for as high as €1,000 with their weight and generally sold for €1.85-2.10/kg. Forward stores made €1.80-2.22/kg and lighter lots sold for €1.90-2.37/kg. Beef heifers made €1.82-2.20/kg, while store heifers sold for €1.78-2.05/kg. Weanling bull prices ran from €1.95-2.30, while the heifers moved at €1.75-2.10.

Factory agents were keen for heavy, well-fleshed cows and ensured a lively trade at Carrigallen Mart, as Charolais cows made up to €1,980 and Limousins sold for €1,140-1,350. Good Friesian cull cows made up to €860, while storish Friesians sold back to €445.

Dowra Mart had 380 cattle on offer on Saturday last with a slightly easier tone to the trade, except for the top quality forward steers and heifers, which made €500-800 over the weight. A few exceptional lots made up to €950 over.

Heavy weanling bulls sold for €400-700 over, while a few top lots made up to €900 over the €1/kg. Lighter bulls sold for €300-600 over.


There were 1,180 cattle on offer at Balla Mart. A big number of quality forward Belgian Blue bullocks made up to €3.19/kg. The average price of cattle was €260/hd up on this time last year. Good quality heavy bullocks made €340-800 with their weight. Forward stores sold for €500-905 over the €1/kg. Heifers were up €20 for the quality lots.

The 680 cattle on offer at Carnew Mart met with a strong trade, with beef cattle improved by €20/hd. Exporters were very active for weanling bulls and this transpired into prices of €350-930 over the weight being paid. Well-fleshed steers sold for €480-840 over the weight, while stores moved at €350-680 over.

At Ballymote Mart, a special sale of bullocks last Friday brought a large turnout of quality stock, with customers from Britain, Northern Ireland and agents buying for midland feed lots all competing with local farmers at ringside. Steers less than 500kg sold for €300-645 over the weight. Heavier lots made up to €975 over.

Top class bulls above 600kg made €535-1,040 over in Raphoe Mart. Beef bullocks sold for €475-915 over, while stores moved at €472-685 with the €1/kg. Fleshed heifers sold for €410-765 over the weight, while the stores made €300-535 over. Prices for the cull cows ran at €700-1,265/hd.

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