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Top 10 tips for selling horses this year

  • Select and identify the requirements of the market you wish to breed for.
  • Appraise your mare in line with the requirements and seek professional help if necessary.
  • Select a suitable sire to complement your mare, in line with the requirements of that market.
  • Aim to breed for the top of the chosen market.
  • Correct parasite, hoof care and nutrition programmes are essential.
  • Assess your foal's conformation at an early age. Corrective foot trimming may aid conformational development.


  • Have a story to tell in the sales catalogue -- research your animal's pedigree and the achievements of its


  • For three-year-olds, have a training programme in place well in advance of sale -- around 4-6 weeks prior to the sale date.
  • Be present at the stable throughout the sale day to present your animal for prospective buyers.
  • If selling at home, ensure your horse is tidily presented for viewings. Photographs and video footage are excellent ways to reach clients, while there are several websites that have proved successful in selling horses.

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