A cold day. Sunny in some eastern areas at first, but heavy showers of rain, hail and sleet in the west and north, some wet snow likely on higher ground. Widespread showers in the afternoon. Many heavy but there will be sunny spells at times also. Risk of isolated thunderstorms. Afternoon highs of 7C to 11C, highest in southern areas. Some longer spells of rain in the evening or early night. Cold with slight to sharp frost overnight.


: Cold. A dry bright start in central and eastern areas with sunshine. Showers in the west, will become widespread in the afternoon. Some heavy or of hail or thunder. Afternoon highs of 10C or 11C. Cold overnight with a moderate northwest breeze and patchy frost.


: Cool and bright with sunny spells. Some well scattered showers, but many areas will be dry and bright. Light northerly winds and afternoon highs of 10C to 14C, highest in the south. Cold overnight with frost.


Cool and bright with sunny spells. Dry in many areas, but it will be cloudier in parts of the south and southwest with a little showery rain possible but it should be dry most of the time. Highs of 10C to 13C, in a light to moderate easterly breeze.

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ndications suggest there will be a good deal of dry weather through central and northern areas with sunny spells. Cloudier conditions expected in southern and southwestern areas with some rain at times, possibly heavy in southern parts. Cool with temperatures in the low possibly mid-teens in places.

Farming IMPACT

In contrast to last week when we had very little rainfall, the week ahead will be cool and unsettled with rainfall around normal, or a bit above in midland and western areas and temperatures below normal by 1C to 2C. Sunshine will vary, but will probably be slightly below average and soils moisture deficits should reduce through the week.

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