Farm Ireland

Wednesday 21 March 2018



The settled spell will continue as high pressure lingers through to Thursday. It will be dry throughout today with sunny periods in all areas. Winds will be light, variable, from northeast to east in direction. Hghest temperatures reaching 12-16C in the afternoon, mildest in the west.


Dry and mostly sunny with light to moderate, easterly winds. Coasts exposed to the wind will be relatively cool but other areas will become quite warm. Dry overnight and a slight grass frost will form along with fog patches.


Dry and bright for most of the day, but outbreaks of rain will reach southern parts of the country in the evening, spreading north overnight. Winds will become moderate, southerly and it will be mild with highest afternoon temperatures reaching between 15-18C.


It will remain mild, with rain soon giving way to showers and sunny intervals. Winds will remain moderate southerly, keeping it quite mild. Later on Friday night, a band of rain is likely to spread from the west.

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This band of rain should clear early on Saturday morning. Likely to be rather cool and breezy with scattered showers.

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