| 15.7°C Dublin



Cold, Cloudy with some rain, sleet and snow (snow mostly on higher ground) for a time in the morning in eastern areas. Generally bright in western areas with sunny spells, but scattered rain or hail showers also.

Some of the showers will be heavy and some wintry in the evening. Winds will freshen through the day, especially on western coasts. Cold overnight, with clear spells and scattered hail and sleet showers. Lowest temperatures plus 1C to -3C, with a sharp to severe frost.


A cold, bright day, with sunny spells and scattered rain or hail showers, mostly along the Atlantic seaboard. Top temperatures of 4C to 8C, highest on the southwest and west coasts.

Cold overnight with clear spells. Mostly dry and frosty, but rather cloudy near west and southwest coasts, with some rain or showers there. Lowest temperatures plus 1C to -3C.


Frost and ice clearing, to give a cold, bright, dry, day in many areas but a few showers about. Cloudier near western coasts with some patchy rain developing. Highs of 4C to 9C, highest in the west. Cold overnight, with frost and icy patches.


Less cold but rather cloudy with rain for a time in many areas and temperatures of 7C to 9C.


Normal temperatures over the weekend. But it will be changeable, with some rain or showers at times. Some frost at night.

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