| 13.4°C Dublin




Rain in the east and northeast, becoming heavier and spreading further west and northwest to affect the midlands, west Ulster and Connacht. Showery in Munster. Winds backing southeast to east will remain moderate to fresh generally. Feeling cool overall. Further rain in the east and north overnight with showers also affecting other parts of the country.


Rain affecting the east and north giving way to showers during the morning, then a mixture of sunshine and scattered showers generally. Winds veering south to southwest, light to moderate, and feeling somewhat milder. Showers mostly dying out overnight followed by clear spells. Staying mild due to strengthening, south to southeast winds. Outbreaks of rain reaching southwestern and western areas by the end of the night.


Rain becoming persistent and heavy in many parts of Munster and Connacht in the morning, and soon spreading to remaining parts of the country. However, a clearance will follow from the west during the evening. Strong and gusty, southeasterly winds will veer southerly and moderate with the clearance, mild overall.


Showers will persist in the west and south, and will come to affect eastern coastal counties as the day goes on. However, other areas are likely to stay mainly dry and bright. Winds will back southeast to east, moderate to fresh and it will be fairly mild.


Generally showery but with sunny or clear spells, most of the showers occurring in the south and east. Feeling cooler but nights will continue frost-free.


Strong growth will resume following the recent cool snap. Trafficability will improve in many places except perhaps the south and east.

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