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Monday 22 January 2018

Tips and tricks to help give your veteran loader a new lease of life

Bruce Lett

THE TANCO T-series loader from the 1990s was a radical departure for the Carlow firm from both its traditional design of loader and loader mounting brackets. The T-series was completely new and resembled the Scandinavian designs with heavily cranked booms, and pillar-type mounting brackets.

The design came at a time when increased loading capacity and stability was required, especially for handling silage both in round bales and pit, with shear-grab or tine grab.

The home brand always proved popular even though the Scandinavian's Quicke in particular had a strong foothold here and was, perhaps, a better loader all round.

The Scandinavian manufacturers of Quicke, Trima and Veto had the pick of the best steel in the world and, with conditions similar to ours, proved to be tough competitors.

Unfortunately, Tanco ceased producing its own loaders altogether and decided, instead, to market the Trima brand under its own label.

This continued up to about 2006 where Tanco dropped the loader line and focused instead on its wrapper business.

That said, there are still plenty of T-series loaders out there and here we focus on what to look out for in terms of maintenance and repairs on them.

In fact, the same can be applied across models and brands to help bring your loader back up to par.

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