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Tuesday 26 March 2019

VIDEO: 'The whole place is now covered in sh*t': Neighbour loses it as farmer cuts corn beside his house

Image: Adam Clarke Twitter
Image: Adam Clarke Twitter


We all know that living in the countryside has its up and downs when it comes to agricultural sounds and smells. But cutting corn on a summer's day provoked a pretty angry reaction from one neighbour.

The neighbours, whose house is beside a field of corn, caught the footage and their running commentary, as a combine harvester moved into the field.

In a video which has gone viral in recent days, the home owner loses it over the fact he will not be able to eat his Sunday dinner outside.

Among his most memorable comments is that the farmer harvesting left a scene like  “Kim Jong-un’s nuclear winter” and that “The whole place is now covered in sh*t”.

The irate neighbour said “that’s the pleasures of living in the countryside on a Sunday evening when you want to have your f**king dinner out side and that the local farmer decides to cut his crop.”

He also wondered why the farmer didn't turn the combine to 'straw minimum'!

Sharing the video, which was sent to him, on Twitter, British agricultural journalist Adam Clarke said "heaven forbid these people can't eat dinner in the garden one evening a year".

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